14th May 2012

Towards the 2020 renewables target

National renewable energy action plans indicate that 20.6 per cent of total EU energy will be renewable by 2020, with the majority of countries reaching their […]
11th May 2012

DETI’s Offshore Renewable Energy Strategic Action Plan

Offshore wind and tidal technology could be operating off Northern Ireland’s coast from 2016. However, progress is faster across the rest of the United Kingdom and […]
10th May 2012

Christophe McGlade outlines the future of gas

Owen McQuade speaks to Christophe McGlade, doctoral researcher at University College London’s Energy Institute, about the uncertainties surrounding the future role of gas. Gas has three […]
9th May 2012

Roadmap 2050

  Energy Ireland examines the European Commission’s Roadmap 2050 which outlines various paths to a decarbonised Europe by 2050. Roadmap 2050 has concluded that Europe’s energy […]