30th October 2014

Mapping bird sensitivity

Shane McGuinness, from BirdWatch Ireland’s policy and advocacy team, explains how its new project will help developers to cater for the environment. Rising global carbon emissions […]
30th October 2014

Integrated and efficient electricity

Barriers at Europe’s borders need to fall if customers are to benefit from a single electricity market. Eurelectric Secretary General Hans ten Berge talks to Peter […]
30th October 2014

Renewable energy: keeping it funder-friendly

James Pringle discusses some of the live issues for developers seeking finance for renewables projects as the subsidy context changes. Northern Ireland remains a highly attractive […]
29th October 2014

Indaver: delivering energy from waste

Through a European network of processing facilities, Indaver is taking an innovative and successful approach to waste management. The Indaver Group is a leading European waste […]