11th October 2010

Energy from the land

Government support for bioenergy on farms and forest land has been re-emphasised but environmentalists question some of the technologies. When she launched a revised Renewable Energy […]
11th October 2010

Making a market

Bioenergy companies need opportunities to sell products rather than grants, Joe O’Carroll tells agendaNi. Switching buildings to biomass, not capital grants, is the best way to […]
11th October 2010

Action plan preparations

A research forum and clearer information on bioenergy’s benefits are among the sector’s suggestions to government, Barbara Swann outlines. As a bioenergy action plan awaited Executive […]
25th August 2011

Biomass: going with the grain of renewable

Biomass continues to provide renewable alternatives for the energy market, with the industry expecting to play a major role in helping Ireland meet its renewable heat […]