10th February 2012

Dalkia – achieving sustainable efficiency

Tony Doherty explores the issues at stake for public establishments striving to achieve sustainable energy efficiency. Public facilities have long since recognised the critical role that […]
20th March 2012

Belfast Harbour – embracing offshore energy

As offshore wind energy starts to accelerate, Belfast Harbour is leading the UK in developing port facilities for the sector. Construction of a 50-acre assembly and […]
20th March 2012

McGrigors–ROC re-banding

Richard Murphy of McGrigors LLP discusses the mood in the market with the ROC Re-banding proposals for Northern Ireland. Hot on the heels of the ROC […]
4th May 2012

Tiernan Henry explains the fracking process

NUI Galway’s environmental geology specialist Tiernan Henry discusses the reality of fracking with Owen McQuade. It is “incumbent” on the fracking industry to be “transparent about […]