20th March 2012

McGrigors–ROC re-banding

Richard Murphy of McGrigors LLP discusses the mood in the market with the ROC Re-banding proposals for Northern Ireland. Hot on the heels of the ROC […]
4th May 2012

Tiernan Henry explains the fracking process

NUI Galway’s environmental geology specialist Tiernan Henry discusses the reality of fracking with Owen McQuade. It is “incumbent” on the fracking industry to be “transparent about […]
8th May 2012

Scotland’s 100 per cent target – Colin Imrie

Colin Imrie, Head of the Scottish Government’s Energy and International Low Carbon Division, discusses Scotland’s 100 per cent renewable electricity target and rural revival with Stephen […]
9th May 2012

Roadmap 2050

  Energy Ireland examines the European Commission’s Roadmap 2050 which outlines various paths to a decarbonised Europe by 2050. Roadmap 2050 has concluded that Europe’s energy […]