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7th December 2020
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8th December 2020

Calor’s journey towards a low carbon future

With a commitment to being 100 per cent renewable by 2037, Calor is poised to help deliver a cleaner economy across the island, explains CEO, Duncan Osborne.

2020 is the year in which the world was forced to hit the pause button. While the pandemic is not a welcome visitor in our world, it has forced us to reflect on how we live our lives and run our businesses. We are doing less and consuming less. Between this, and perhaps a greener tinge to government, the focus on sustainability is greater than ever.

Calor is on a journey towards a cleaner energy future. Since Calor first launched BioLPG in 2018, the company has made strides across various business divisions to incorporate sustainable principles into our products, and there is still more to do.

Innovation is a key part of all product planning and development in Calor. Looking at new ways of transitioning homes and businesses on the island of Ireland to a low carbon future. Calor has worked hard over the last number of years to introduce renewable and low carbon energy solutions to the marketplace. This ensures all environmentally conscious consumers, regardless of their location, have the option to select a cleaner fuel source with Calor.

In 2018, Calor was the first company in Ireland to offer BioLPG. BioLPG is a certified renewable gas which is made from a traceable blend of renewable vegetable oils wastes and residues. Initially Calor BioLPG was only available to Calor’s bulk domestic and business customers, but in June 2019, the first renewable gas cylinders came to market. The new renewable gas cylinders are perfect for extending living spaces into gardens with options for patio heaters and barbeques. At a time when we are all urged to spend more time at home, BioLPG cylinders allow customers to enjoy their outdoor living spaces, even into the winter months, and to do so with a cleaner fuel choice.

Building on this success, another innovation which lets our sustainable fuel do all the heavy lifting has come to the market in the form of BioLPG for forklifts. Providing energy that is kinder to the environment makes sense to us, and BioLPG helps businesses and individuals further reduce carbon emissions in their forklift fleets.

The current journey of Calor BioLPG shows momentum and the importance of innovative development. Calor CEO, Duncan Osborne, explains that he wants Calor to lead and not just meet customer needs.

“Calor are committed to being 100 per cent renewable by 2037. That is significantly ahead of EU and Irish targets. We want to help lead this transition. To support the companies and homeowners who want to make a difference, but aren’t sure how to. We know our customers are engaged by sustainability issues; our job is to help lead them to a cleaner energy supply.

“Switching to BioLPG is easy, that is why it is working so well. For LPG customers it is the same equipment and the same way of doing things. For people switching from oil or other fuels, gas is a well-known fuel that most people are comfortable using. That makes it easier for them to switch.”

Another recent development for Calor in their drive towards delivering more sustainable and lower carbon energy solutions is the supply of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). LNG is natural gas in cryogenic liquid form. Aimed at the very large energy user and transport, it is an ideal energy solution for off-grid industries with a continuous demand for fuel. LNG delivers the benefits of natural gas anywhere in Ireland and gives businesses a lower carbon energy option. Calor have recently completed the third LNG installation in Ireland which is enabling these businesses to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.

BioLPG and LNG now join Calor’s traditional LPG product, used by over 50,000 bulk customers in Ireland, in offering domestic and industrial customers the chance to lower emissions. With the development of new products in the BioLPG range and the introduction of other lower carbon technologies, Calor is poised to help deliver a cleaner economy across the island.

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