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10th February 2012
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10th February 2012

Kingspan – fuel poverty and telemetry

Kingspan Environmental is a division of Kingspan Group PLC that offers affordable environmental solutions for off-mains drainage, rainwater harvesting systems, fuel storage and intelligent telemetry solutions to meet the needs of sustainable building projects.

Kingspan Telemetry Solutions

Kingspan Environmental is the market leader in oil measurement technologies. The Kingspan Telemetry portfolio comprises of the SonicSignalman which is an easily installed one piece unit that uses technology to sense the level of fuel or liquid in the tank and communicates this data via GPRS mobile networks and the internet to any web enabled computer terminal. SonicSignalman readings are received into your depot, office or personal or work computer, giving you visibility on what is happening in your tank.

Our SonicSignalman GSM telemetry solution offers many benefits for householders, housing associations, government departments, the private sector and utility companies.

Multiple benefits for many sectors:

• Central procurement – Facilitates better oil buying power by enabling the user or manager to see the quantity of fuel in the tank population;

• Energy management and building performance – Core energy management facility by providing oil usage rate information;

• Health and safety – Reduces the need to climb on tanks to dip for levels and avoids having to install hand rails and permanent ladders etc;

• Stock reconciliation and end-of-year accounting – Flash update on working stock which is accurate to one day;

• Fuel management – Allows management of fuel and traceability of small amounts;

• Logistics – Optimise delivery costs by delivering maximum capacity only when fuel is needed and reduce panic buying and run out in bad weather.

Pay-as-you-go-oil Solution

Kingspan Environmental recently welcomed the opportunity to work with Minister McCausland and his department to further develop the Fuelserv pay-as-you-go oil solution for vulnerable households. This unique technology will allow oil from tanks to be released to boilers on a pay-as-you-go basis, helping those most in need to budget and benefit from the savings gained by those buying in larger quantities. The pilot scheme to tackle fuel poverty will begin early 2012 in partnership with Carillion Energy Services.

Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010

For those of you managing one or multiple fuel storage tanks we would like to highlight the control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010 which came into force on 20 March 2011. Enforced by The Northern Ireland Environment Agency, these regulations were introduced to promote better oil storage and to minimise the risks of oil being lost to the environment by installing a bunded oil tank (doubled walled tank). These regulations have applied to all new tanks in commercial and public sector properties from 20 September 2011 and will apply to existing tanks within

50 metres of a water course in these sectors by 20 March 2013. Remaining oil storage tanks will have to be bunded by 31 December 2015. Kingspan Environmental has a Oil Storage Technical Helpline to help you with any advice you may need 0800 345 7178.

If you are interested in the telemetry or oil storage solutions that Kingspan Environmental has to offer then please contact our Business Development Department on 028 3836 4415 or email