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8th December 2020
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8th December 2020

GE’s Grid Solutions: Your trusted partner in integrating offshore wind energy to the grid

GE’s Grid Solutions is at the forefront of offshore grid technology, helping to harness the power of offshore wind.

Renewable technologies are enabling the transition to a low carbon economy in Europe. Offshore wind is seen as one of the next significant phases of this progressive journey, with many more projects of significant scale on the horizon.

With decades of expertise, Grid Solutions, a GE Renewable Energy business, helps utilities and the industry to effectively manage electricity from the point of generation to the point of consumption, ensuring a reliable, efficient and secure energy supply. At Grid Solutions, we are focused on bringing together technologies and decades of expertise, working to solve the toughest power system challenges. More specifically, Grid Solutions is at the forefront of offshore grid technology, helping to harness the power of offshore wind. We work with leading utilities and independent power producers helping to make large offshore grid projects possible. 

Starting with the ability to generate electricity from the world’s most powerful and efficient ocean-based wind turbine, GE’s Haliade-X, GE’s Grid Solutions business works with leading industry partners to harness this power by building advanced offshore platforms. Our high voltage offshore AC and HVDC collector substations house the critical high and medium voltage electrical equipment needed to reliably and efficiently transfer the power generated to the onshore transmission and distribution networks ultimately powering houses and businesses with green renewable energy.

Our teams understand the complexity of offshore projects. Our engineers and partners have more than 15 years of proven offshore substation and converter station design experience. Over time, we have continued to innovate and expand our capabilities, with projects such as the 336MW Galloper Offshore Wind Farm located off the coast of Suffolk, UK and the 900MW DolWin3 project off the coast of Germany.

More recently, we announced our involvement in the 450MW offshore wind farm, Neart na Gaoithe, in Scotland. Here we will design and build both the onshore and offshore substation equipment including four power transformers, four reactors, the static synchronous compensator, power quality components, and gas insulated switchgear, at 66kV, 220kV and 400kV, as well as protection and control, SCADA, and telecommunications systems. Neart na Gaoithe which translates to “Strength of the Wind” will play a major role in meeting the carbon emissions reduction targets of both the Scottish and UK Governments. Once operational, it will offset more than 400,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year and provide enough electricity to power more than 375,000 Scottish homes.*

At Grid Solutions we are very proud of the important engineering contributions we are making across Europe to help companies and countries realise their environmental goals through the delivery of renewable energy and we look forward to continuing to contribute positively to the renewable energy industry in Ireland.

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