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10th November 2015
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10th November 2015

EDMI: delivering smart metering solutions and smart communications

With a proven track record and extensive global smart metering experience, EDMI is in a leading position to meet the needs of Ireland’s smart meter market.


As a world leader in the design, development, manufacture and implementation of innovative and technologically advanced energy meters and metering systems, EDMI has delivered over five million smart meters worldwide to the global utility industry over the past 25 years.

Our products include smart gas and electricity meters and software solutions for the residential and commercial and industrial markets. EDMI also has a long history of working with various communications and we are proud to have been selected as the supplier of the communications hub to Arqiva as part of the rollout of smart meters in Great Britain. The hub will form an integral part of Britain’s Smart Metering Infrastructure by providing a robust and secure communications channel from each home to the British Data Communications Company.

Ireland’s energy regulator’s “thin” approach to the network-led rollout of smart metering promises to deliver real benefits to networks and consumers, without the bureaucratic burden experienced in the rest of Europe.

A successful result depends significantly on the capability of the smart metering systems chosen. With a proven track record and extensive global smart metering experience, EDMI is well placed to meet the needs of Ireland’s smart meter market. But whilst more than 650,000 EDMI meters are installed across Europe, it is EDMI’s recent experience in Australia that is most relevant to Ireland’s smart metering position.

Australian energy market regulators chose a market-led approach, offering consumers more options in the way they use energy. It’s called the “Power of Choice.”

The Power of Choice programme aims to improve the reach of smart metering, and the network benefits that it brings, by engaging the consumer. Like Ireland’s regulators, the Australians saw the benefit of a light touch approach. Like Ireland’s networks, Australian utilities are embracing the value of advanced and flexible smart metering solutions to ensure they can adapt to the new market. And like Ireland’s consumers, the Australian population is eager to find out more and more about the new options for solar generation, innovative tariff and rewards structures, and energy efficiency.

So it is not surprising that, when the first mover in the new Australian market, AGL Energy, chose a solutions partner, EDMI was at the top of the list to supply a range of metering and cloud-based software solutions.

In a regulatory environment that allows so many varied solutions; in an age of energy innovation; and in a market that responds to them, utilities know they can rely on EDMI today and into the future.


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