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15th July 2014
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15th July 2014

Corrib adds trading confidence for Sinbad

shell ocean guardian rig Sinbad Marine Services continues to support the drilling rig Ocean Guardian for the current programme at the Corrib field off the west coast on behalf of Shell E&P Ireland. The activity generated in the marine logistic support for this project, in turn, greatly enhances the commercial viability of Killybegs harbour, County Donegal, during the otherwise quiet summer months when the fishing fleet is tied up due to quota restrictions.

Taxis, hotels, stevedores, oil suppliers, crane hire companies and many other support industries in Killybegs appreciate this timely uplift lift in business.

Sinbad has been supporting the Corrib project since its inception in 1996.

“During this period of time, Sinbad has grown from a small local player to a substantial company which can now hold its head high and trade internationally with the top players in the oil and gas industry,” a spokesman said. “This fact is, in no small way, attributable to the support of Shell Exploration & Production Ireland during this long and sometimes tumultuous campaign.”

The company’s current seismic projects include supporting a major two-year 2D survey by Chinese company BGP Inc. CNPC and two 3D seismic surveys in the Porcupine basin off the south west coast during 2014 (for Polarcus and Dolphin Geophysical AS). Sinbad describes itself as being “capable and confident” in trading with these international companies due to the help and support given by Shell over the years.