Green hydrogen will play a key role in Ireland’s energy transition
4th May 2023
Green hydrogen: Ireland’s new energy carrier
4th May 2023

A new approach for green gases

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) has proposed a dual gas system modelling approach considering hydrogen and methane networks simultaneously, following contrasted scenarios reflecting the European climate and energy ambitions.

The proposal, entitled the Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2022 (TYNDP), aims to accelerate the rollout of green gases and aid EU member states to reach their net zero obligations. The draft development plan is currently open for consultations from European stakeholders until 19 May 2023.

When the consultations process is complete, ENTSOG aims to utilise the TYNDP to develop a new standard for hydrogen and natural gas by collecting dedicated hydrogen projects submitted to TYNDP and the first projects of common interest (PCI) selection process and by introduction of hydrogen infrastructure levels for the system assessments. The draft TYNDP also includes import and production capacities of renewable and decarbonised gases, including hydrogen, as well as demand for hydrogen.

The TYNDP outlines two prospective hydrogen infrastructure levels to be considered. Hydrogen Infrastructure level 1 is a project-based infrastructure level, composed of all hydrogen projects submitted by project promoters to the TYNDP 2022 (including infrastructure that was submitted as hydrogen-ready) as well as hydrogen projects submitted by project promoters to the first PCI selection process under the revised TEN-E Regulation.

Hydrogen infrastructure level 2 is defined as a policy-based infrastructure, composed of hydrogen infrastructure level 1 and additional infrastructure assumptions that were developed by ENTSOG together with the transmission system operators (TSOs) to enable policy objectives, such as the 2030 hydrogen imports targets defined by the REPowerEU plan.

As a response to the disruption to the importation of Russian gas amid the war in Ukraine, ENTSOG has amended the TYNDP COP 21 scenarios – distributed energy and global ambition – for the year 2030 according to the REPowerEU plan and to address its objectives of 10Mt domestic green hydrogen production and 10Mt hydrogen import. The results of this TYNDP for PCI/PMI candidate projects should be complemented by the latest energy strategies of the member states, for further and complete analyses.

Upon announcement of the proposal, Piotr Kuś, ENTSOG General Director, said: “The hydrogen and natural gas TYNDP 2022, a first of its kind, evaluates the benefit of relevant decarbonised gas projects and shows that the gas system is a resilient, efficient and cost-effective infrastructure. The extensive stakeholder engagement and holistic modelling processes have meant that inter-connectivity between methane, biomethane, hydrogen and electricity infrastructures are well captured, starting from the scenarios, through to the system and infrastructure assessments.”