Dr. Tanya Harrington

Head of Government Affairs and Regulation at Powerscourt

Dr. Tanya Harrington is Head of Government Affairs and Regulation at Powerscourt. Tanya has extensive experience as a public policy and regulatory affairs specialist, offering clients great insight into European regulated industry, including the energy, communications, broadcasting, postal and transport sectors. She has worked for 19 years representing businesses and working inside government. Most recently, she spent three years providing professional advisory services to companies seeking tailored solutions to their public policy and regulatory affairs needs. Working with the business leadership team, she assisted companies in determining and executing their public affairs strategies both domestically and at EU level. In this capacity, she supported internal teams with a timely and trusted flow of bespoke policy and political monitoring, analysis and insight, acting a source of counsel to internal decision-makers in defining their strategic responses to their most pressing public affairs needs. Previously, she has been the Director of the NTR Foundation, a Ministerial Advisor in the Department of Transport and the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Head of Energy for IBEC and a policy analyst at the IIEA and European Commission. In 2015, she completed a Doctorate in Governance, at the School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast on the topic of accountability and regulatory governance.